Denture Repairs

While dentures are made from amazingly durable material it’s still possible for them to break or become damaged, especially over time. It’s important that you are caring for your dentures properly to ensure that they last several years before needing to be readjusted, realigned or even replaced. Of course, accidents happen. When they do it’s important that you have a dentist you can turn to for immediate denture repairs. This is where the expert dental team at South Fallsburg Dental comes in.

We understand just how important your dentures are, so we also know how critical it is for you to see one of our dentists right away when you are having problems with your dentures. Our resident dentists Drs. Peter and Richard Genco will make sure that you are seen as soon as possible so that your dentures can be repaired the very same day. Cracked, broken, loose, poorly fitted and misaligned dentures will need to be repaired by one of our dentists.

It’s important that you don’t try and fix your dentures yourself, as any damage will require very specific repairs and adjustments from a dental professional. Why? Our dentists have to use very special, non-toxic material to fix dentures properly; they can’t just be repaired with traditional glue. Do not try and glue your broken dentures back together. We would be happy to fix your dentures for you.

When dentures break this is also considered a dental emergency. You should never wear damaged or broken dentures as this can lead to discomfort and other more serious issues. It’s crucial that you call us as soon as your dentures have broken so that we can get you in for a repair. Luckily, our office has an on-site dental lab, which makes it possible for us to not only create high-quality dentures right here in our office without having to wait for an outside dental lab, but also we can complete repairs and create replacement dentures quickly.

If you are dealing with damaged or broken dentures it’s important that you have a dentist you can turn to for repairs. Call the dental team at South Fallsburg Dental right away at (845) 434-1202.

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